Green Smoothies Recipes (and a tip!) (2024)

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Here are a few green smoothies recipes (and a tip!) to get your year started out right. Or any time!

Green Smoothies Recipes (and a tip!) (1)

I’ve been a fan of green smoothies for about 5-6 years now. I love them.

And what’s not to love?

They are healthy and taste great. (well, they can taste bad too but I’m going to help you with that)

I would’ve shared them with you before now but around January of last year, within months of starting this blog, I had lofty dreams of creating another blog devoted solely to food and recipes.

Funny. I had no clue how involved (creating content, taking photos, editing photos, writing, building, etc) a blog was.

I do now.
Let’s just say, I won’t be starting a second blog anytime soon. ;) (edited to add…I did finally start that blog in March/2015 –>>

So…that means I’ve decided to share some of my favorite recipes here with you all. See the new little “recipe” tab up above?
That’s where they’ll be.
I love to cook and I love to cook healthy which means I have a bunch of recipes I’m looking forward to sharing with you throughout the new year.

But first….let’s talk GREEN SMOOTHIES (and then green smoothies recipes, too).

Green Smoothies Recipes (and a tip!) (2)

Super healthy and a great way to get your veggies.

I’m also a fan of juicing but today we’ll just talk smoothies.
The problem with making smoothies has always been prep and such. Not really a problem, I suppose, but just involved and time-consuming.

All fine and good…and healthy…. but who has time for that?

So, I tended to get a bit slack in my smoothie-making at times.
Until I decided to pack them up in serving sizes for the freezer.

Green Smoothies Recipes (and a tip!) (3)

So there’s the “tip“…

Lay it all out, cut it up, package ….all at one time. What a time saver.

Green Smoothies Recipes (and a tip!) (4)

So simple…not sure why I never thought of doing this before. Anyway, wow, sure makes it easier to eat healthily!

Grab a bag, add juice or water and go…

Green Smoothies Recipes (and a tip!) (5)

Can’t get much easier than that…..

Green Smoothies Recipes (and a tip!) (6)

*I’ve includedan affiliate link for the Vitamix below (which I love!). See full disclosure here.

My blender is a *Vitamix 5200 Series BlenderGreen Smoothies Recipes (and a tip!) (7)that I purchased from Costco about 5 years ago.
It’s a bit pricey but worth it, in my opinion.
It blends everything up WELL. And you want these green smoothies blended well, trust me on that.
If you don’t have a Vita Mix, no worries, you can still make palatable smoothies. It’s just my preference to use the Vitamix for them.

Years ago when I first started making green smoothies organic fruits and vegetables were harder to come by.
Nowadays they are much more readily available. Costco has all kinds of organic berries and fruit, frozen.
They also have some organic greens and vegetables. Kroger is a great place for organics too. (no’s just where I shop )
You definitely want to use organic whenever possible, for obvious reasons.

I’ve had many requests for recipes but I will tell you, it’s a “trial and error” kind of thing.
I will include some here for you though.

You will figure out as you go along what you like and what you don’t.
What tastes good and what doesn’t.
And how to add things to camouflage some of the stronger greens (like Kale and Mustard Greens, for example, –>and always remove the stems, they make your smoothie very bitter)

As a rule, I’d suggest rotating your greens weekly. You don’t want to eat the same thing over and over again.
Too much of anything is not a good thing. The same applies to your additions. I’d rotate and mix it up a bit.
Even taking a break from smoothies altogether, from time to time.

So don’t forget to label your smoothies with the type of green that it contains (and the date is always good too) when freezing.

Green Smoothies Recipes (and a tip!) (8)

You can add any kind of juice (or water to keep the “sugar” content down) or milk, almond milk, etc.
I personally try to stay away from cow’s milk and do not drink soy milk for health reasons.
My choice is unsweetened almond milk or water, occasionally juice.

Below are some ideas of ingredients for your green smoothies recipes:

Romaine Lettuce
Mustard Greens
Beet Leaves




Fresh ginger root is a nice addition too sometimes. Gives it a bit of a zip.
You can add things like Flax or Chia seeds, protein powder, etc.
Cocoa is nice to add along with almond milk (and even instant coffee crystals) for a “Frozen Cafe Mocha” style drink…only healthier.

You can use sweeteners until you get used to the flavor. I don’t anymore unless I’m making something like I mentioned above.
The fruit makes it sweet enough for me.
The sweeteners I use are Stevia, Xylitol, and Agave. (I don’t use Agave as often)
You can use whatever you like to sweeten.

Anyway, here are a few recipes to get you going.
(ice is not necessary if you make them ahead of time and freeze)
–all recipes say “1 large handful”…adjust as needed, more or less. (I do more greens/veggies and less fruit but I don’t like very sweet things in general)

A very good basic green smoothies recipes to start:

1 large handful of spinach
1 banana
1/2 mango (or 1 peach)
small handful of grapes
5-6 baby carrots
ice and water

OH! ..and don’t be turned off by the lovely brown shade these “green” smoothies can turn with the addition of berries.
They may not look appetizing but they are still super healthy and still very green.

Now, remember, these are just basic guidelines. You can add a little more of this or a little more of that.
You will get a feel for it after you’ve made a few.
And if it doesn’t taste right, add something until it does.

Love it? PIN it to save it!

Green Smoothies Recipes (and a tip!) (9)

Have you tried green smoothies before? Think you might?

I hope you will. It’s a great way to get your veggies in.

Green Smoothies Recipes (and a tip!) (10)

**Please visit my new FOOD blog over at for more recipes!**

Note: I am not a health professional or medical doctor. The information and directions given on this site are of my own opinions and my own experiences with such and are not meant to take the place of medical or professional advice. You may choose to try any or all recipes, etc, I post at your own discretion.

Green Smoothies Recipes (and a tip!) (2024)


What is the healthiest green to put in a smoothie? ›

The best green vegetables to add to smoothies in terms of flavor profile and nutritional value include spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, zucchini, cucumber, and avocado (which is technically a fruit but is more commonly used as a vegetable).

Is it OK to drink a green smoothie every day? ›

A green smoothie is definitely nutritious, but a diet consisting of only green smoothies (or any single food) isn't healthful. It has to be balanced out with whole grains, heart-healthy fats, lean protein, and fruits and vegetables. So go forth and rock that green smoothie!

What is the dark side of green smoothies? ›

Cruciferous vegetables—common ingredients in green smoothies—contain compounds called glucosinolates, which inhibit iodine uptake by the thyroid. This may result in a reduced ability of the thyroid gland to produce hormones, leading to reduced function and, potentially, thyroid disorder.

Do green smoothies reduce belly fat? ›

Green smoothies can be a great source of nutrients. They can also help you to feel full and encourage your body to burn fat. The best green smoothies for weight loss are low in calories and high in fiber and protein. They may include ingredients like spinach, almond milk, blueberries, and avocado.

Can too many green smoothies be bad for you? ›

Unfortunately, your health kick may be doing you more harm than good! You see, these symptoms may be due to foods that are high in oxalates. Individuals who love green smoothies may end up with excessive levels of oxalate which, in turn, could possibly lead to kidney stones.

Why do I feel weird after drinking a smoothie? ›

You may experience bloating or gas

We previously mentioned how eating a high-fiber smoothie can be great for your digestion, but be warned that if you're not used to taking in much fiber, your body may react to a high-fiber drink with excess gas or bloating because of the way it alters your gut microbiome.

Is it better to drink a green smoothie in the morning or at night? ›

Breakfast is best

It's the best way to absorb all the nutrients each drink contains, and it's also the best time to drink one as a meal replacement.

Why do I get sleepy after drinking green smoothie? ›

I would assume you get tired after your smoothie because you body releases a lot more serotonin after eating a large amount of protein or carbohydrates. Not only that your body is using your crucial energy that includes your brain to activate your digestive tract.

What is the most important ingredient in a smoothie? ›

There are endless ingredients that you can include in a smoothie, but the healthiest way to make one is to include a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats. According to registered dietitian Kate Regan, this three-part formula is the key to creating a healthy smoothie.

What sweetener is best for green smoothies? ›

Natural Sweetening Options for Green Smoothies
  • Raw honey. Honey is nature's miracle food; it's known for its natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties and has been used as a health food worldwide for more than 4,000 years. ...
  • Stevia. ...
  • Dates. ...
  • Agave nectar.

How do you thicken a green smoothie? ›

No ice: If you don't have ice, you can use frozen fruit, oats, chia seeds, yogurt, or nuts and nut butter to thicken your smoothie. No frozen fruit: Add a scoop of raw oats or chia seeds into the blender instead. No yogurt: You can swap yogurt with nut butter to thicken a smoothie.

What are 2 potential risks of smoothies? ›

In conclusion, smoothies can be a great way to increase intakes of fruit and vegetables in our diet, which would have many health benefits. However, they may contain large amounts of added or natural sugars, which can contribute to dental problems and obesity.

Should you drink green smoothie on an empty stomach? ›

Nutrient Absorption: Consuming a green smoothie on an empty stomach may enhance nutrient absorption since there are fewer competing foods in the digestive system. This can help ensure that your body efficiently absorbs the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from the greens and other ingredients in the smoothie.

Why are green smoothies so filling? ›

Unlike juices, smoothies don't strip the fiber from vegetables and fruits so they're more filling.

Are smoothies with greens healthy? ›

Green smoothies are nutrient-rich blends of fruits and vegetables. They've become a popular way for people to meet their recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Unlike juices, green smoothies retain the beneficial fiber content from whole foods.

Which greens are most nutritious? ›

Some of the most nutritious greens include spinach, kale, romaine, watercress, and arugula (see "Salad greens by the numbers"). They are rich in a combination of vitamins A, C, and K; several B vitamins (including folate); and potassium.

What are the best super greens to add to smoothies? ›

Experts explain that the best greens powders include leafy greens like spinach, kale, and parsley; vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage; and wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina, and chlorella.


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