5 Ways to Pay Your ATT Bill - Step By Step Guide (2024) (2024)

by Daniel Smith | Updated 10/15/23

If you’re an ATT subscriber, you’re used to paying your ATT bill every month by some method. But did you know that there are 5 ways to pay your bill that might be quicker and might even lower your bill?

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the ways and steps to pay your AT&T bill and what we think is the best way to go.

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Ways To Pay Your ATT Bill

  1. Pay online at att.com/pay
  2. Call 800-311-0500
  3. Pay via your myAT&T app
  4. Mail a check to AT&T
  5. Pay via QR code

How To Pay Your AT&T Bill Online

To pay your ATT bill online, go to att.com/pay.

Enter your username and password. The website is a little slow so it might take a couple of seconds for the page to load.

You’ll then be sent directly to the payment page where you’ll be asked to put in how much you want to pay and for what date.

If you want to make a payment arrangement, you can do this here as well.

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After choosing your payment amount and date, decide how you’ll want to pay. There’s a number of ways you can pay your bill.

ATT Bill Pay Methods

  1. Debit or credit card
  2. Banking info by signing into your bank
  3. Entering checking or savings check numbers
  4. AT&T promotional card
  5. Bitpay (crypto option)
  6. Click to pay

Before paying, there are checkboxes asking if you want to sign up for AutoPay or would like to split the payment.

Accept those if you want to take advantage of those options.

Otherwise, click pay and schedule your payment.

How to Pay AT&T Bill By Phone

You can also pay your AT&T bill by phone. The phone number to call ATT to pay is (800) 331-0500. You can also dial 611 on one of the phones you have service with AT&T to pay as well.

If you’re hard of hearing, the TTY number to call and pay for AT&T is (866) 241-6567.

Compared to other phone company’s bill pay systems, AT&T’s phone bill pay is more cumbersome.

Once you call (800) 331-0500, press 2 to be transferred to an IVR system.

An automated agent will ask you questions about what you want to do with your bill.

To pay, you’ll need to say the words pay bill and provide your passcode.

If you want to reach the ATT loyalty department phone number or , click the highlighted text.

Pay via my ATT bill app

You can also pay via the myAT&T app. The login for the app is your ATT user name and password.

Once you’re authenticated, you’ll be dropped to a payment page by the app.

It’s going to say that there are 3 steps to make a payment.

The 1st step is to enter your payment information. Enter how much you want to pay and a charging date.

You have several options to pay: debit/credit card, apple pay, AT&T gift cards and bitpay. You can also sign into your bank account, scan a check or enter your checking and savings information.

The next step is to review the payment. Submit to finish up.

AT&T Payment By Check

You can also pay your ATT bill by check. The right PO box to send your check for your AT&T bill will be on the first page of your statement.

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The most common addresses AT&T asks you to send your check to are PO Box 6416 Carol Stream, IL 60197-6416 and PO Box 536216 Atlanta, GA 30353-6216.

You’ll need to make your check payable to AT&T Mobility.

AT&T cautions that it takes seven days for the payment to post. Since that’s the case, make sure to send in your check at least 10 days before it’s due to avoid late fees.

If you still get paper statements, ATT will generally provide an envelope for you to send your payment. Tear the bottom half of the first page so you don’t need to write where the check needs to be delivered too.

Unhappy with how much you’re paying on your ATT bill? Read our guide on how to lower att bills. We’ve also written tutorials on how to get a lower Verizon bill and how to cut your T-Mobile bill.

Pay by QR code

You can also pay by scanning the QR code on your ATT bill.

Open your phone camera and there should be a link at the top to go to the QR web page.

You’ll be asked to login into your myAT&T account but you also have the option to sign in with ZenKey or pay without signing in.

Once you’re signed in, you’ll be directed to make a payment.

Paying via QR code at this point is exactly like paying your AT&T bill online once you’re logged in.

There’s really nothing special about paying via your QR code and looking at a bunch of ATT bills, all the QR codes are the same and direct to the same page.

Lower Your AT&T Bill With BillSmart

It’s important to pay your AT&T bill on time. If you don’t, there’s going to be a $7 late fee. The easiest way to pay to just by logging into your account online.

If you want to pay a different way, ATT gives you many options: phone, check, app, and QR code.

From our time negotiating thousands of ATT bills, we’ve found that 83% of AT&T customers are overpaying.

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5 Ways to Pay Your ATT Bill - Step By Step Guide (2024) (2024)


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